muttusvAmi dIkshitar

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Mr. Ganesan:
Long live your suspicion! The DiikSitar (should it not be tiikkicitar?)was a
lucky man! Bh.K.

At 15:57 09/04/98 -0500, you wrote:
>Interesting that the name, Muttusvami Diksitar
>is used extensively in:
>Emme te Nijenhuis, Sacred songs of India: Diksitar's
>cycle of hymns to the Goddess Kamala.
>1987, 2 v., Schweiz: Amadeus
>I suspect strongly that muttusvAmi dIksitar has Tamil roots.
>Unlike Tyagayya and other Telugu brahmins who settled in
>Tamil country for a long time and who wrote in Telugu,
>MuttusvAmi chose Sanskrit, even though the main courtly
>patronage and elitist tastes were toward Telugu.
>Is it a compromise that MuttusvAmi settled for?
>N. Ganesan
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