Bhaa.sya on Graha names

Marianna Kropf marianne.kropf at THEOL.UNIBE.CH
Sun Apr 5 15:45:34 UTC 1998

Girish Sharma schrieb:
> Are there any traditional Bhaa.sya-s on the 108 names
> of each of the nine planets?  If so, does anyone have
> references for available editions?  Thank you.

I have a booklet in Hindi/ Skr. which gives a 108 namavali in Skr. for
each of the nine planets - by now I didn't check for the sources of
these name prayers. If you should have found out - please let me know!

The booklet is published by Randhir Prakashan in Hardwar/U.P. in 1995:

Umesh Puri 'Gyaneshvar'  [Autor]
Navagraha upasanaa aur gahadosha ke upay.

Hope this will help you


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