navagraha worshipped as deities

S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Apr 5 03:43:40 UTC 1998

Marianna Kopf writes:
>Who can provide me with information on further temples especially
>connected with navagraha and their ritual worship? As far a I know,
>there are in Andhra Pradesh, there seem to be at least one in Benares
>(which one?!), ...

  In Andhra, as has already been pointed out, there are many temples
which have a small mandapam where the 9 planets are enshrined with Surya
in the middle...This arrangement can be seen clearly ( among the
temples in the USA with which I'm familiar) in the Siva Vishnu Temple,
Lanham in the greater Washington DC area.

  In addition, there is a Rahu temple somewhere near KAlahasti,
Saturn worship in Mandapalli(East Godavari dist) and a Sun temple in
Arasavilli(Srikakulam dist)...


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