Yaroslav V. Vassilkov yavass at YAVASS.USR.PU.RU
Fri Apr 3 17:09:00 UTC 1998

I am grateful to Rolf Heiner Koch who was the only one to aswer my question
about the gambling dice in the PGW culture:

<I remember well it looks not quadrangle, more 2
<or three times the length in relation to the
<bright. It has two or four long rows. I saw this
<in Ajanta.
<Mfg RHK
<roheko at msn.com

- My question was:

>>        Can you give me a reference to any source
containing a picture or
>>a good description of the dice typical of the PGW

        I think the dice mentioned in the answer are typical both for
IVC and Classical Indian culture (oblong, quadrangle in section).
But I meant the dice specific for PGW culture: biconical, narrowing
towards the ends. The one that I saw many years ago (demonstrated by
Prof. B.B.Lal) had been found at Noh. After that I saw in archaeological
reports one or two mentions of biconical dice found at PGW sites, but no
photo, drawing or a good description.
        Mayby  somebody knows the address of Prof. B.B.Lal? I sent a letter
for him to the Archeological Survey of India, but got no answer.
        Thanks in advance.
                                Yaroslav Vassilkov

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