Humans, animals and plants

Alok Kumar kumar at OSWEGO.EDU
Fri Apr 3 21:19:22 UTC 1998

I am interested in knowing ancient views (Vedic and Upanishads period) on
the following two topics:

1.       Status of women with respect to men in family and society.  In
Hindu religion, goddesses are worshiped, indicating an influential status
for females.  Were they also equal in status for their roles in family and

2.      Relationship of humans, animals, and plants.  As I understand,
animals, humans and plants were considered a part of prakriti.  I am
interested in their relationship and their status with respect to each
other, in any.

Please share your thoughts and article/book on the topic.

Alok Kumar
Department of Physics
State University of New York
Oswego, NY 13126.

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