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Allen W Thrasher athr at LOC.GOV
Thu Apr 2 21:15:46 UTC 1998

A number of requests for bibliographic information on topics, persons, and
works in Indian philosophy have been posted on INDOLOGY recently.
IMHO this list is an excellent venue for asking for critical bibliographic
commments, such as what is the best book or article on this, which is the
best edition, does anyone know anything recent and good and important on
this.  But I have the feeling some people are putting out queries absolutely
cold.  Might I suggest that everyone first check the standard bibliography of
Indian philosophy:

ACCESSION: 38440888
   AUTHOR: Potter, Karl H.
    TITLE: Encyclopedia of Indian philosophies. Bibliography /
  EDITION: 3rd rev. ed.
    PLACE: Delhi :
PUBLISHER: M. Banarsidass,
     YEAR: 1995
   FORMAT: 2 v. ; 25 cm.
   SERIES: Encyclopedia of Indian philosophies ; v.1
    NOTES: Vol. 1 of earlier edition titled: Bibliography of Indian
           Includes indexes.
     ISBN: 8120803086 (v. 1) 8120803078 (set)
  SUBJECT: Philosophy, Indic -- Bibliography.

This is copublished in the U.S. by Princeton University Press and should be
easily available in Europe from Otto Harrasowitz.

It might be good when requesting bibliographical assistance to specify
where one has already searched so helpful colleagues do not duplicate
one's labors.


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