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Anthony P Stone stone_catend at COMPUSERVE.COM
Thu Apr 2 06:51:26 UTC 1998

On March 31, 1998, George Baumann wrote:

> 5) Is the representation of Kannada palatal -n- correct?  Isn't the  half
circle on 
>the right side necessary?
> 7) the graph for Kannada retroflex -t- seems to have a circle at the 
right top, 
>which isn't necessary. 
>8) the dental -t- in Oriya could be written a bit better, 
>perhaps. It  shouldn't be fully closed at the top.
>10) The graph for Kannada -m- is not quite correct at the base, I  think.
The same
> is true of the -v- in Kannada.

These have now been uploaded in corrected forms.
Thanks,   Tony

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