arma-, armaka 'ruined site'

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The text which Burrow translates here is not Rig-Veda but Taittiriya
Brahmana II, 4, 6, 8. He discusses it in 'On the significance of the term
_arma-, armaka-_ in early Sanskrit literature', in _Journal of Indian
History_ (University of Kerala), Vol 41 Part 1 (April 1963) pp. 159-66.
In this article he says that these words refer to ruined sites, and gives
occurrences of them from Rig-Veda Samhita to Panini. The commentaries on
Panini explain it as vinaSTagrAma or zUnyagrAmanivAsa. Burrow concludes (p.
166):  'They confirm the theory that it was in fact the Aryans who were
responsible for the overthrow of the Indus civilisation, they show that
for centuries the most important of these ruins were conspicuous features
of the countryside and they supply interesting information about the
location of some of them.'

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On Tue, 31 Mar 1998, N. Ganesan wrote:

> Reading an article by Prof. Thomas Burrow on Aryans intruding
> into India. Reference: Arthur Cotterell, Encyclopaedia of
> ancient civilizations, 1980
> "The Aryans were aware of the numerous ruined Indus sites
> among which they lived, and they referred to them by the term
> arma, armaka, 'ruined site, ruins'. Among the references to these
> the following is of particular significance: *The people to
> whom these ruined sites, lacking posts, formerly belonged,
> these many settlements widely distributed. they, O, Vaishvaanara,
> having been expelled by thee, having migrated to another
> land*."  - T. Burrow
> What is the verse number in Rig Veda of the above?
> When the ecological balance and balance of power in the
> pre-aryan society turned against the indus valley people,
> Aryans established. This verse appears to be referencing
> that critical event.
> Regards,
> N. Ganesan

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