The horse argument, part 2

Wed Apr 1 15:32:02 UTC 1998

Subject:      The horse argument, part 2

Vidyanath Rao wrote:

*If the bits are earlier
*than 400 BCE, then we have a clear anomaly. Central and southern India,
*presumably dominated by Dravidian speakers, who, it is said, did not
*know of the horse till it was brought in by the `Aryans', are up-to-date
*but the `horse centered Aryans' of North India are quite backward, and
*managed to avoid leaving large scale evidence of the horse.

On the other hand, it shows Horses may be found in North India in the
future. The evidences of horses in South India,
(even in Sri Lanka) from megalithic burials dating from much
before 400 BC makes it a high possibility.

Or, the flood plains, population pressure, invasions
in North India over the centuries. Have they destroyed
the evidence.

N. Ganesan

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