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John Napier J.Napier at UNSW.EDU.AU
Mon Sep 29 23:30:01 UTC 1997

On Mon, 29 Sep 1997 12:36:08 +100,
  Royce Wiles writes:

>Hi Lars
>>"Happy hours, discount drinks and irresponsible promotions such as laybacks
>>were found to be a prime cause of violence in Australia."
>I've just showed two very Australian co-PhD students here in Canberra your
>query, but neither of them has heard of "layback". Here are two
>suggestions, unfortunately both involve text emendations :-)

As a lifelong Australian, I also cannot recall ever hearing the expression
'layback': perhaps its because I've never frequented happy hours. A random
guess would be that it refers to the habit of imbibing an alcoholic drink
poured directly into the mouth by another person whilst one lies flat on
ones back, but I didnt think that this was a characteristic Australian
drinking game.

Ah well, its seven and a half hours till happy hour at the Uni bar.

John Napier

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