Grave Found, Possibly 5,000 Years Old

Dr. Jai Maharaj jai at FLEX.COM
Mon Sep 29 23:00:12 UTC 1997


Lars Martin Fosse <l.m.fosse at INTERNET.NO> commented:
> "Dr. Jai Maharaj" <jai at> explained:
>> Lars Martin Fosse <l.m.fosse at INTERNET.NO> asked:
>>>> Sympathies to Eurocentrics in shock :) :) :)
>>> Why should Eurocentrics be in shock for a 5,000-year-old
>>> human grave?
>> Some think that the world began with them!
> Really? As far as I know, the world began long before any
> humans were there at all, and as for humans, they are
> generally believed to have originated in Africa, not in
> the West.
> I still fail to see the point.

Perhaps because the smilies were deleted.  They are
now restored (see above).  I have run across many
Eurocentrics who refuse to realize that the world
existed before them and that others accomplished
a lot in science before them.  Some of these jokers
even teach in universities, misinforming others.

Jai Maharaj
Om Shanti

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