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S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Sun Sep 28 03:42:14 UTC 1997

A few questions for the Tamil/Kannada experts and Sinhalese history
1. Jaffna was originally called "yAzhppANam" in Tamil( hope my
transliteration is correct) which translates as the "city of the lyre"
(yAzh).How did it acquire its name i.e. I'm interested in the musical
connection. How did the name Jaffna come about( was it the Portugese
mispronounciation of the original Tamil word?)
2. What was "Batticaloa" originally called in Tamil?(I'm assuming the
original is a Tamil word, pls free to correct me if I'm wrong..the
reason why I think this is true is because the Northern and
North-Eastern Provinces are normally depicted as having been Tamil
dominated) Trincomalee, I know was tirukkONAmalai....
3. There is the story of the rSi agatsya visiting Tamil Nadu at the time
of the wedding of pArvati and Ziva( 1.in order to counterbalance the
weight of people going into North India, goes one version;2.to subude
the steady rising of the Vindhyas, runs another version)I'm looking for
the exact spot( texts and Zlokas) where this is mentioned, both in
Sanskrit and Tamil..Is this( his being an influence on the Tamil
language refered into in other languages as well?).....
4. Is there an English translation of the 9th century kannaDa work,
"kavirAjamArga"..Can somebody give me good references to this work/tell
me more about it....


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