Dasanami Order

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Sat Sep 27 01:02:54 UTC 1997

Re. Dasanami Order, an additional reference you may find useful is:
Dazey, Wade, "Tradition and Modernization in the Organization of the
Dasanami Samnyasins," in _Monastic Life in the Christian and Hindu
Traditions_, eds. Austin B. Creel and Vasudha Narayan. (New York: Mellen
Press, 1990)

Swami Gitananda

From:   Indology
Sent:   Friday, September 26, 1997 12:29 PM
Subject:        Dasanami Order

Would anyone know of any works published on the asramas of the Dasanami
Order? I was surprised to find no substantial material on this matter in
the Indoogy Archives. Thanks once again for replying either to the list or
myself or to Dr. T.S. Rukmani (rukmani at alcor.concordia.ca).

Chris Austin
Concordia University
Department of Religion
Montreal, Canada
c_austi at alcor.concordia.ca

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