Popular Religious Art

Mon Sep 22 15:20:59 UTC 1997


   Re: Popular Religious  Art

Pl. see:

O. P. Joshi,
Gods of heaven, home of Gods:
a study of popular  prints.
Jaipur, 1994,  387p.  col. illus.

Stephen Huyler,
Painted prayers: women's art in village India,  1994

C. A. Breckenridge, Consuming  modernity:  public culture
in a South Asian  world,  Univ. of Minnesota press,  1995

Joanne P. Waghorne (univ. of North Carolina) has been studying
the modernisation of Temples in the colonial period for years.
Along with fine photos of temples, vaahanas etc., by her husband.
The modern paintings included in those papers.

There was an exhibition on calender prints at some university
in Canada. Done by Stephen Inglis, I think. I have the reference
in some notebook.

Vijaya Nagarajan (UC, Berkeley)  has published a paper on kOlam
paintings by Tamil women in an exhibition catalog of Museum of
New Mexico.

By the way, there is an excellent book on modern Indian
painting. The price is a record by Indian standards for single volume
(Rs. 4000/-)

Tuli Neville,  Indian contemporary painting.
Mapin,  1997  (350 color photos)

N. Ganesan

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