Popular Indian Religious Art

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<<>        I am trying to locate (thus far with little success) scholarly
>materials on the topic of contemporary popular Indian religious art (e.g.,
>books/articles dealing with calender art, 'God posters', etc.). I am
>not only in this form of art as used in strictly religious/devotional
>but also its use in Indian commercial/graphic art (e.g., advertisments,
>packaging, etc.). Can anyone out there alert me to some relevent materials?

I am afraid that I cannot give you an exact reference, but there is at least
one such book, written, I believe, by a Greek author. This may not be very
helpful, but at least you should keep looking.>>

The book you are referring to may be Hindu Epics, Myths and Legends in
Popular Illustrations by Vassilis G. Vitsaxis. It is a retelling of several
Indian myths illustrated by popular contemporary posters.

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