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S Krishna mahadevasiva at HOTMAIL.COM
Thu Sep 18 22:10:47 UTC 1997

W.Trimble writes:
> But I looked in Monier-Williams and found that
>".Lii" is an epithet of Siva.  Does anyone know of its origin?
>W. Trimble

I find it a remarkable coincidence that many vowels with the combination
{ i.e. U: for example }are all references to there any reason
for this?

Also, can somebody tell me more about each consonant standing for a
particular thing i.e. kam stands for water( this appears in the subhsita
where the words "kE zava"( corpse in the water) and
"kEzava"(viZNu)..i.e. something like "kezavam dr.StvA paNDava:
prasannA:(?)" or the kham standing for the sky, as in the derivation of
the word khECara for bird...what I'm interested in knowing is the
origin/derivation of the meanings....


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