viLari and tODi rAga (was Re: Q: Tamil literature)

Wed Sep 17 01:06:54 UTC 1997

At 06:52 PM 9/16/97 +0200, Jean-Luc CHEVILLARD wrote:
>At 08:51 16/09/1997 -0400,  S. Palaniappan wrote:
>>If you look at akam.279.11, it is clear that 'viLari' is a note.
>I am not sure it is so clear.
>There is an unpublished translation of Akam
>by V.M. Subramanya Ayyar (who was an assistant of U.V.S.)
>in the French Institute Library (Pondichery & Paris)
>The translation he gives for the passage you refer to is:
> "... at this season when the water is crystal clear
>  and the voice of the joyful indian cuckoo which perches
>  on the branch of profuse flowers
>  combines with the string of the small lovable yA_l
>  from which is produced a sweet and mournful note viLari
>  wakes up people from sleep ..."
> [ ........... tIm toTai
>   viLari narampi_n nayavaru cI_riyA_l
>   mali pUm po:nkar maki_l kura_r kuyiloTu
>   puNar tuyil eTuppum pu_nal teLi kAlaiyum ]
>      [akam:279_10-13]
>To me the "mournful note" which is mentionned here
>is probably not a single note (i.e. one of the seven notes,
>as you advocate it is).
>But, of course, this is subjective and the data is scarce.

Can a single note evoke emotions? Can a single note be mournful?


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