IIAS-Newsletter no. 13

Tue Sep 16 10:40:59 UTC 1997

Now available online (http://iias.leidenuniv.nl): the IIAS Newsletter no. 13
(Summer 1997), with several articles/conference reports/ announcements on South
Asia, among them:

- Sanjoy Bhattacharya: An official policy that went awry: the WW II propaganda
campaign against the Indian National Congress.
- S.N. Sridhar: Center for India Studies Opened at SUNY, Stony Brooks.
- Michael Hutt: New MA Degree at the South Asia Department, SOAS.
- Aminul Haque Faraizi: Why do Development Projects 'stink' in Bangladesh?
- Suvarnalata Rao: Raga: the Dynamic Melody.
- Jan E.M. Houben: Philosophy and Philology East and West (1): Towards a Global
Reservoir of Idea-o-diversity.
- Jackie Assayag: The Resources of History: Traditions: Transmission or
- Jan Brouwer: Culture Communication and Power.
- Thomas de Bruin: Literary and Oral Traditions in India.
- Vasudha Dalmia: Charisma and Canon: The Formation of Religious Identity in
South Asia.
- Victor A. van Bijlert: Armed Resistance in Bengal (on some new publications).

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