viLari and tODi rAga (was Re: Q: Tamil literature)

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<< What you say seems logical at first
 but the point I tried to make using quotations
 in my former posting was that in Ku_runtokai
 and Pu_ram you only come across viLarip paN.
If you look at akam.279.11, it is clear that 'viLari' is a note. The
interpretations of S. Ramanathan have some errors. Please refer to
'pazantamizilakkiyattil icaiyiyal' by V. P. K. cuntaram, (doctoral
dissertation under S. Ramanathan) which updates the information on ancient
Tamil musicology and points out the problems with the interpretations of
earlier musicologists such as ApirakAm paNTitar, vipulAn2antar, and S.

The basic notes are kural, tuttam, kaikkiLai, uzai, iLi, viLari, and tAram.
There are no other names for these notes. On the other hand viLarippAlai/paN
is also known as neytal yAz. So,  the name of the note viLari must precede
the name viLaripAlai/paN.


S. Palaniappan

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