Tamil Literature

Mon Sep 15 17:32:28 UTC 1997

Thanks a bunch for Dr. Jean-Luc Chevillard for giving
all the ancient references to the paN - viLari.
Indeed, the musical context is difficult to decipher.

I wrote:

* In the Varukkak Kovai, there is a sentence:
* "maNam koNTu tenRal kamukil ulAviya".
* - "Like the Southern breeze taking on the
* pleasant smells of different flowers in a park" ...

* This is a really hint by the heroine to her husband
* that his relationship to other women & Devadasis
* is not appreciated.

* Sri. Kambaraman told me that in Cilappatikaaram,
* Kovalan is compared to "Thenral".
* UVS writes that "thenRal Kovalanukku uvamai".
* I don't have UVS' edition here.
* I need the two lines of Cilampu wh >>

As for CilappatikAram and 'tenRal', it is:

kuralvAyp pANaroTu, nakarap parattaroTu,
titritaru marapiR kOvalan2 pOla
iLivAy vaNTinoTu, in2n2iLa vEn2iloTu,
malaya mArutan tiritaru maRukil  (cil.5.200-204)

Thanks for Dr. S. Palaniappan, Dr. A. Veluppillai
and Dr. K. Nachimuthu (tamizh at plearn.edu.pl)
for pointing this out.

N. Ganesan

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