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Cf. Valentina Stache-Rosen, "German Indologists. Biographies of Scholars
in Indian Studies Writing in German. With a Summary on Indology in German
Speaking Countries", 2nd revised ed. by Agnes Stache-Weiske, New Delhi: Max
Mueller Bhavan 1990, p. 76:
Alfred Ludwig: "Ueber das Verhaeltnis des mythologischen Elements zur
historischen Grundlage des Mahabharata" ("On the relation of the
mythological element to the historical basis of the Mahabharata"), in the
Proceedings of the Bohemian Academy of Sciences, Prag 1884.
Moriz Winternitz compiled a bibliography of Ludwig's work in the XX Annual
Report of the German Association for Folklore and Linguistics in Prag.

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On Sun, 14 Sep 1997 16:42:50 -0400,
Swami Gitananda wrote:

>Could anybody please help me locate the following article by Alfred Ludwig?
>I have searched in the catalogs available to me here at U.C. Berkeley,
>without success. The title is: "Uber die mythische grundlage des
>Mahabharata." I believe it was published under Gesellschaft der
>Wissenschaften in 1895.
>Thank you very much in advance,
>Swami Gitananda

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