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Mariana Caixeiro naniji at MAIL.TELEPAC.PT
Fri Sep 12 23:08:26 UTC 1997

 >On the subject of the connection between India and south America,  I
would like to add that about a year ago in Hinduism Today an article was
published on the connection between these two areas. There is commoness in
south Indian temples and the temples of south America. There are several
words in south american languages and south Indian languages with similar
meaning. In a publication in Scientific America ( somewhere in 1976-78) I
have seen a picture of flying man which to any Indian will represent
Hanuman. In the history of Mexico, it is mentioned that Mexico was
established by people who came from east. May be there is more to the
stories of Pandavas going to PATAL and getting married to local girls, and
having kids, e.g.,. GHATOTKUCH, the son of BHIMA.It is said that Hastinapur
was built by PATAL people.Keep looking, probably ther is more to discover.

Goog luck,

Jay Thakar

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