Ayur Vedic or Tibetan Medical Texts

Mariana Caixeiro naniji at MAIL.TELEPAC.PT
Fri Sep 12 21:32:02 UTC 1997

I have a friend who would like to acquire a book dealing with medical
diagnosis and treatment in Sanskrit and/or Tibetan.

The book would included Tibetan/Sanskrit original with english translation,
perhaps by CandrAnada or rGyu-Zhi or with commentaries by the same.

She already is familar with

Author: Vogel, Klaus
Title: Astangahrdayasamhita: the first five chapters of its tibetan version ...
Place of Publication: Wiesbaden
Publisher: Franz Steiner
Publication Date: 1965

She is especially interested in any text of this ilk that discusses pulses
and their diagnosis.

Could anyone help me with this?

Thanks in advance

David Dargie

David Dargie
Centre for Language Teaching and Research
University of Queensland
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