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jonathan silk silk at
Wed Sep 10 14:43:32 UTC 1997

>At 18:52 +0200 9/09/97, Vidyasankar Sundaresan wrote:
>>Didn't you know that Argentina gets its name from Arjuna, the Pandava?
>	Despite the funny mail of S.Krishna, that's true!
>	Argentina is a Spanish world coming from Latin argentum (silver)
>and linked to Greek arguros (id.) and Sanskrit Arjuna. They are derived
>with various suffixes from an eurindian root *arg- (shining white).

Although I think this is not what Dominique meant, what he seems to says in
his first line is that "Argentina" is derived from "Arjuna". Of course,
what he shows -- that they have the same ROOT (or are cognate) -- is an
entirely different matter! I say this only to nip in the bud any possible
encouragement of this type of nonsense seen recently on this list by
certain people who would not recognize a careful historical linguistic
argument if -- to quote an old college professor of mine -- it jumped up
and bit them on the ass!

Jonathan Silk

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