Dravidian Cryptography:The responsibility

DEVARAKONDA VENKATA NARAYANA SARMA narayana at hd1.vsnl.net.in
Wed Sep 10 08:23:56 UTC 1997

At 06:24 PM 9/9/97 BST, D.Kumar writes:

>Dear members of the Indology List,
>Two questions which have been aked of me need to be answered: (1): How can
>anyone who calls himself a scholar, can doubt in the same posting on this
>List, the very existence of something (he called Dravidian Cryptography may
>be "conjectures and coincidences"), and then in the same breath utter "(if it
>is there) is exclusively Tamilian"? 

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> dkumar6248 at aol.com

Since the word `kumaran' with `n' ending is a tamilian word and that `n'
is necessary to get `nAgaram', I meant to say, as far as this word is
the inversion/substitution (if it exists, yes if it exists) is exclusively
of tamilian origin.


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