Q: feline harm

jkirkpatrick jkirk at micron.net
Wed Sep 10 04:53:24 UTC 1997

Although scholars are often warned not to seek naturalistic answers to
questions such as this one, it occurred to me that in the case of the
cat, its prowess in ridding homes of vermin--rats, bugs etc--might have
caused this spare the cat attitude. 
J Kirkpatrick
jkrk at micron.net
Narayan S. Raja wrote:
.  In my own family (we are Tamil),
> my mother and grandmother warned me that if a cat
> "lost even one single hair" because of me, I would have
> to go to "narakam" (i.e., hell. but temporary).  Why
> cats in particular?  Don't know.
> Regards,
> Raja.

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