Temple architecture

Das Devaraj das at netcom.com
Tue Sep 9 23:19:30 UTC 1997

Had a question about which direction Shiva faces in a temple.
I was thinking that it could be any direction except North 
(because of the name Daksinamurthi, would not want to face
the other way).

Anyway, somebody recently mentioned that in Chithamburam temple,
Shiva faces North (don't know this to be a fact).  Just now idly 
thumped through a general book on temple architectures.  The 
plans showed dieties facing all directions except North.  Another
reason not to face North (my guess), is that it will force 
devotees to face South while praying.

Does anybody know whether Shiva can face North?  Or any reference
which discusses this specific issue?

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