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Jay Thakkar writes:
>>  On the subject of the connection between India and south America,  I 
would like to add that about a year ago in Hinduism Today an article was 
published on the connection between these two areas. There is commoness 

Vidyansankar says:
Didn't you know that Argentina gets its name from Arjuna, the Pandava? 

Now, now! Not this thread again:-)....all this derivation business and 
DEwan Chaman Lal!!!!

 Let us look at a few more derivations, of countries/places, shall 
1. DEnmark is from "Dhana Marga"
2. Stockholm is from "Shata kamalam"( 100 lotuses) fact, did you 
know,The Sanskrit poet who first visited Stockholm was impressed with 
the beauty of lotuses in Stockholm that he wrote a poem called "Shata 
kamalam"(100 lotuses) which was plagiarised and changed to "Daffodils", 
the famous English poem?  ( BTW, I know that the construction "shata 
kamalam" is grammatically incorrect:-)
3. Corsica was an island of farmers ;it was named  "Karshaka Dweepa" ( 
Farmers island) originally which was changed subsequently to Corsica..
4. Texas is named after"Takshas" a serpent in Indian mythology..the 
first Desi who went to Texas saw all those rattlesnakes which reminded 
him of Takshas; so he named the place Takshas which became Texas 
5. Saskatchewan was named after an Indian warrior called 
"sat-shakti-vaan", Alberta was very well known for its "raita"  i.e. 
alabhya raita , which became Alberta)
6. California is named after a lady called Kali, who was a native of the 
town of "Purnea" in Bihar..."kali kee (p/f)urnea" became California in 
its Anglicized form, when this lady first settled in California, she and 
her descendants were harrased by people who lived to the north of 
California,so she called them "ari- gaN"(ari-enemy, gaN-people, 
crowd)...this area where they lived i.e. ariguN is now called "Oregon". 
When this lady went further north, she found it a little too cold and 
decided to call this cold place "Sheetal"; this place is now called 
"Seattle". When this lady and her descendants would feel hungry, they'd 
visit an Indian restaurant ( uDupi, specifically) run by a gentleman 
from uDupi called "Saletore Lakshmana shetty" and ask for "OOTa"( 
Kannada for "lunch")....they liked his uDupi cooking so much that they 
called the place "Saletore Lakshmana Shetty"( Anglicized version "Salt 
Lake City") and the state "OOTa"( now called "Utah"). After eating this 
hearty meal, the "Californians" would amuse themsleves by arguing and 
debating things at a certain spot in the afternoons. This place, where 
they'd DEBATE DAILY became "nitya vaada vivaada"(which became nityavaada 
which in turn got shortened to nivaada) This place is now called 
7. Britain actually comes from Hindi "Bartan"(vessel), Wales comes from 
Tamil vEl( spear), London, which is a center of commerce( or barter 
then) is actually derived from Hindi "lEna- dEna"( exchange)
8. Romania is actually "ramaNeeya"( beautiful in Sanskrit).
9. Athens in Greece is named after "aditi" i.e. aditi became athena who 
in turn gave her name to athens. "sparta" , famous for its athletes gets 
its name from Sanskrit "Sphoorti"
10. Spain actually is a corruption of "Sapna" i.e. Svapna "dream", 
and last but not the very least, the river Danube is a corruption of 
Dhanayuvati( moneyed maiden) because her waters made all the farmers on 
either side rich..i.e. Dhanayuvati became Dhanayubati ->dhanayuba->

Incidentally, none of the "facts" presented above needs any reference..I 
(discovered/invented) them, depending on your point of view:-),:-).....


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