Q: mArjArahatyA

Andrew Cohen AndrewC at mail.uca.edu
Tue Sep 9 09:06:36 UTC 1997

 Re: meditating cats.
 At the "Great Relief" in Mahabalipuram, there is a delightful 
 representation of a dubious Yogi-- a cat does tapas as mice gather 
at  his feet to see this marvel.   The cat's pose duplicates that of 
the  main figure whose identity is debatably Arjuna or Bhagiratha 
(relief  is filled with multiple readings which Mike Rabe might 
See: Heras, Fr. H. "The Hypocritical Cat:"' Tamil Culture (1952): 

And Rabe's forthcoming "Cryptic Praises: The Mamallapuram Prasasti 
Deciphered" in Artibus Asiae

 Andrew Cohen

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