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Andree Woodcock A.Woodcock at
Mon Sep 8 10:22:03 UTC 1997

> I am an interested if anyone knows of any research relating to stress
andcomputer noise.
> I sit around all day and some evenings working at a computer.
> By the end of the day I am  fractious and sensitive to computer noise
>  I would like to explore this phenomenon, in more detail, with a view
> writing it up.
> Firstly, I need to know if I am the only one this happens to,
> and secondly does anyone know of any literature/ other people who are
> interested in this area.
I have come across a very old email 1994 in my trawl through the
internet which originated from your group - do you know of any other
literature? have you carried on the work?

> As a starting point I have classified computer noise as originating
> three sources.
> 1      ' Mechnical ' most notable keyboard and mouse clicks.
> 2       Software itself (eg windows opening, 'customisation' of sounds

> enthusiasts, mail delivery)
> 3       'Hardware' - fans and disc whirring
> Variables which are likely to effect the degree of irritation include;

> 1       the source of the sound (if you are creating it, it is less
> 2       extent of control over the environment
> 3       length of exposure
> 4       characteristics of the noise
> Cheers
> Andree
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