Tobacco / the mummies

David R. Israel davidi at
Sun Sep 7 17:07:52 UTC 1997

Anshuman Pandey wrote --

> I recall watching an episode on Discovery titled "The Curse of the
> Cocaine Mummies" which discussed the controversy surrounding the
> data that some Egyptian mummies were found to have traces of
> nicotine and cocaine in their hair. . . .

anyone who happened to take in (intern alia) any of the 
evidentiary debate (or drift, exempli gratia) from O.J. Simpson's 
public science show (so to say) might at least passingly wonder about 
the nicotine and/or cocaine use of whatever archeologists (etc.) through 
whose hands said mummies may've happed to pass . . .

(too obvious an idea to be overlooked by august producers of 
*Discovery* perhaps, -- but still, accidents can happen . . . )

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