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        Dear members of the list,

                                For that matter even for tobacco,
        a subsidisry purana has been created already.
                                Tobacco is known as Brahma Patra,
        and is said to have  been created by Brahma.
                                It is a peculiar story.
                                This version is heard in Tamilnadu.
        Saraswathi was wondering how is that Lakshmi and Uma have their
        own patra i.e., the Bael or Bilva and Margosa.
                                She got so engrossed that her thought waves
        emanated as fumes of envy.
                                Soon Brahmaloka was clouded with the smoke.
        Brahma then created a leaf from the smoke and hence it became
        known as Brahma Patra.
                                Of course, this story is a concoction.
                                Tobacco is certainly of American origin.
                                And Sarswathi does have a Patra for her own-
        the Brahmi or Vallarai.
                                Did the Harappans smoke anything?
                                Or did they take in any other psychedelic
        agents? Mood suppressors? Mood elevators?
                                What was the Soma juice, actually?
                                Could opium and ganja been in use?
                                Some sannyasis of certain orders are
        known to smoke ganja.
                                Dr.Wujastyk would be able to throw some light.



>>On Thu, 4 Sep 1997, David R. Israel wrote:
>>> after the voyage of Columbus.  I believe it's commonly asserted that 
>>> the same holds for various other botanicals, such as tomatos and 
>>> chilis.  Tangentially, this seems rather interesting with regard to 
>>> current customs & practices of Indian cuisine -- suggesting that mrch 
>>> masala isn't so perennial as one might assume from current plates.
>>Indeed. Among strictly observant south Indian families, chilies are
>>avoided in the food prepared for the annual SrAddha rituals. Pepper is
>>used instead. 
>As matter of curiosity chillies are considered as creation of Viswamitra
>(Trisanku episode) and pepper that of Brahma.


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