Imperfection of Western Indology (pace Fosse)

David R. Israel davidi at
Fri Sep 5 01:57:58 UTC 1997

Dr. Silk (whose name mighe recollect the jovial jibe leveled at 
-- I think it was -- Nagarjuna's Mahayana philosophy, to the effect 
that it's comparable to a strand of silk so subtle anad find that 
perhaps it escapes materiality or likely even existence entirely), 

> INDOLOGY> In (negative prefix) + do (action), thus = inactive + log
> (inactive piece of wood) 

comparative consideration of Sinology will recollect not only 
Zhuang-ze [Ch'uang Tse]'s "uncarved block," more even more 
aptly, the venerable Lao-ze [Lao Tse]'s crucial adage:

    wei wu-wei
    er wu bu wei

  "[if you can but] do the no-doing
   [yo!] there's nothin' that ain't done!"

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