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Queries: Tamil literature

Greetings. This is N. Ganesan from Houston.
I am finalizing a commentary for Padikkaasu Pulavar's
Paambalangaarar Varukkak KOvai, a 17th century Tamil pirapantam.
In this endeavour, I am getting great help from
Mr. S. Srinivasan of Delhi Tamil sangam, Sri. M. K. Raman,
(a student of U.V. Saminathaiyar), and
Sri. S. K. Ramararajan (Kamparaman)

I need help in two problems.
1) Kamparaman says that he vaguely remembers R. P. Sethu Pillai's
quote from Tevaram in an essay. Ravanan sings in the paN (raagam)
called viLari to please Siva (while lifting Kailasam)

"veLLi malaik kiizhirunthu viLari paaTum"

I could not locate this in Tevaram. May be, this is from
one of 12 tirumuRais. Any help?

Is there any other occurence of "viLarip paN' anywhere else
in tamil literature?

2) In the Varukkak Kovai, there is a sentence:
"maNam koNTu tenRal kamukil ulAviya".
- "Like the Southern breeze taking on the
pleasant smells of different flowers in a park" ...

This is a really hint by the heroine to her husband
that his relationship to other women & Devadasis
is not appreciated.

Sri. Kambaraman told me that in Cilappatikaaram,
Kovalan is compared to "Thenral". 
UVS writes that "thenRal Kovalanukku uvamai".
I don't have UVS' edition here.
I need the two lines of Cilampu where 
Kovalan is compared to "Thenral".

Thank you very much.

N. Ganesan
nas_ng at lms420.jsc.nasa.gov

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