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Thu Sep 4 07:46:10 UTC 1997

Could you please provide the exact reference for this quote?

Luis Gonzalez-Reimann
University of California, Berkeley

At 07:11 AM 9/2/97 BST, Sudheer Birodkar wrote:
>Dear List Members
>Here goes a Sloka (couplet) from the Atharva Veda 
>(one of the 4 Vedas - treatises on knowledge from ancient India) 
>which embodies the true spirit of humanness expressed, not today, 
>but four thousand years ago.
>We are the birds of the same nest,
>We may wear different skins,
>We may speak different languages,
>We may believe in different religions,
>We may belong to different cultures,
>Yet we share the same home - OUR EARTH.
>Born on the same planet
>Covered by the same skies
>Gazing at the same stars
>Breathing the same air
>We must learn to happily progress together
>Or miserably perish together,
>For man can live individually,
>But can survive only collectively

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