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Dear members of the List,

While I wait for the enlightment I asked for regarding a few questions in my
posting today, and while we consider NArada's resume which he submitted
yesterday in my posting, I thought I would take a leaf from my work book, and
write a note about another rishi Aasanga, who was the son of Playoga. This
rishi, according to the information about him, got into a predicament: the
gods cursed him to become a woman. He appealed to another rishi Medhatithi
about this condition, and Medatithi helped him get his male sex back. Aasanga
was pleased to no end. He gave great gifts to his benefactor, and addressed
to him some verses of praise which are in the Rig-veda to this day. It is
thought that this legend conceals that the author of these verses attributed
to Aasanga was also a woman, or at the least, a eunuch, and not a man at all.
In Dravidian Kannada, the word: hengasu, precisely denotes: female (DED.
#4395), and the name Aasanga, (the bearer of which was cursed by the gods to
become a woman), is an inverted and substituted form of this Kannada word:
hengasu. Again, by realizing the existence and operation of the linguistic
phenomenon of inversion and substitution, we have realized that the legend
concerning Aasanga is not an idle one. I do not think we can dispute the fact
that Indology is getting to be more interesting. Best regards.


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