Dravidian Cryptography

Luis Gonzalez-Reimann reimann at uclink.berkeley.edu
Mon Sep 1 23:56:34 UTC 1997

At 11:10 PM 9/1/97 BST, V. Keerthi Kumar wrote:

> the episode concerning the supposed invasion by the supposed Aryans into
>prehistoric India, and the supposed destruction they wreaked on the people of
>the ancient Indian civilization usually referred to as the Indus Valley

> All this has been proved to be baseless.

All of this (and you include several issues) has certainly not been proved
to be baseless.  You say you prefer to stick to facts and not speculate, but
that is precisely what you are doing here.  This subject was debated a few
months ago on this list as well as on the RISA-L list.  It is also the
subject of many publications.

Such a general statement as the one you make can be very misleading to those
who are not well informed.

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Luis Gonzalez-Reimann
University of California, Berkeley

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