David R. Israel davidi at
Mon Sep 1 16:21:48 UTC 1997

John Grimes asks,

> Would anyone know the title of the book about the Dalai Lama's
> conversations with Jewish diaspora members? 

I think you must mean *The Jew and The Lotus*
(or maybe The Lotus and The Jew?) -- I tried a search at 
just now, and (surprisingly) did not find it (under either form).

Have not read this, but have heard some discussion of it; I've the 
impression it was published in the U.S. perhaps 2-3 years ago(?);

the title of course involves (what is arguably typically American 
baby boomer generation) wordplay on the customary translation of the 
pervasive Tibetan mantram, Om mani padme hum (where "jewel" & "jew" 
are confounded) . . .

Sorry I don't recall the author's name.

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