Rolf Heiner Koch roheko at MSN.COM
Sun Nov 30 20:01:35 UTC 1997

The word occurs often in medical textes or also
religious textes zalya-aahara.na 'pull out the
thorn (Herausziehen eines Dorns)' , etc.. I can
not understand the term aahara.na in the context
of theoretically definitions as follows
aahara.na-hetu-d.r.s.taanta. Some scholars just
say that aahara.na is a mistaken form for
udaahara.na. This is not the true. I am not very
familiar with the Nyaaya-system. Probably there is
a helpful definition?
The context where I would like to understand this
expression is a canonical text of the Jains, where
the term nAAya (as a name for a example,
illustrative story) is explained with the four
different terms:
Could probably aahara.na mean a m|ndlicher Auszug
of a story?
roheko at msn.com

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