Metadiscussion about INDOLOGY

Dominik Wujastyk ucgadkw at UCL.AC.UK
Fri Nov 28 10:42:42 UTC 1997

We have probably gone around this topic enough by now, do you agree?  Time
to return to the non-meta level.  Unless there is something really
startling that none of us has thought of already.

If I may be allowed a parting shot, it is noticable that this kind of
debate often seems to come up at this time of year, November.  I remember
a particularly inflamed discussion of this general type in November 1994.
(That was only stopped by the stunning news from Prof. Tokunaga that he
was releasing the Ram and Mbh e-texts freely for scholarly use.)  Might it
be that we are all anxious and edgy about the ending of yet another year,
with the inevitable residue of incomplete book-reviews, uncorrected
proofs, and half-written articles and lectures?  (Or am I the only one :-)

Best wishes of the season, and thanks particularly to Ashok for his
humane and helpful comments,


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