etymol. final r, s / optionality of ext. sandhi?

Jacob Baltuch jacob.baltuch at EURONET.BE
Wed Nov 26 18:18:50 UTC 1997

Lars Martin Fosse wrote:

>Dominique Thillaud wrote:
>>>It is a little etymological pedantry.
>>        "pedantry" est un peu trop fort. Louis Renou est français et
>>l'effroyable orthographe de notre langue nous habitue "naturellement"
>>depuis l'enfance à privilégier des formes "étymologiques" même si leur
>>prononciation a évolué. Il ne s'agit donc guère que d'une manière de
>>gallicisme ...;-)
>"Pedantry" was not used in a "bad" sense here! I just repeated the wording
>of the question.

Yes I first used that word. But notice "a _little_ [...] pedantry".
And I definitely did not mean it in a bad way. No criticism implied.

In fact I like Renou's terse style a lot. Simply in this specific
instance I failed to understand the purpose of his making a distinction
which only makes sense in a comparative context. Note Renou explicitly
states that his grammar does not concern itself with the comparative
approach. So I thought, is he just trying to be cute. And apparently
he was :)

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