etymol. final r, s / optionality of ext. sandhi?

Lars Martin Fosse lmfosse at ONLINE.NO
Tue Nov 25 17:55:24 UTC 1997

>1. Renou gives, in flexional forms, always final r or s, never
>visarga. In particular he keeps the distinction between final V+s
>and V+r (V not a or aa). For example he gives for the aorist par.
>of kR 2sg "akaarSiis", 3pl "akaarSur" while for the same forms SEL
>would give "akaarSiiH" and "akaarSuH". Is there _any_ reason what-
>soever (not only in such forms but in any hidden corner of the
>language) to keep this distinction (between final Vr and Vs, V not
>a/aa) or is this just a little etymological pedantry?

It is a little etymological pedantry. Gonda does the same in his small
introductory book to Skt.

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