Apologies from Genevieve Guesdon

Jean-Luc Chevillard jlc at CCR.JUSSIEU.FR
Tue Nov 25 16:40:02 UTC 1997

Dear list members,

after receiving like you many messages from Genevieve Guesdon
(Bibliothèque Nationale de France, Paris),
I contacted her through phone in Paris and explained to her
how she could unsubscribe from the list

She agreed that I might briefly convey her apologies to you list members
for unwillingly flooding  (she is not very experienced)
your mailboxes with some messages she wanted to send to some
colleague. Hopefully, it will not happen again (it was a nickname
problem ...)

Best regards from Paris

-- Jean-Luc CHEVILLARD (CNRS, Université Paris 7)

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