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>INDOLOGY was started in 1990 as a forum for Sanskritists, MIA and NIA
>language specialists, Dravidologists, historians, and others interested
>in any aspect of Indological studies. That includes other languages, of
>course, and anything related. It's not restricted, except that
>discussions about contemporary politics and social issues are better
>carried out on soc.culture.india and other forums like that.
>As a rough guide to subject content, if you enjoy receiving journals
>like the JAOS, JRAS, BSOAS, IIJ, etc., then INDOLOGY is for you! The
>forum is targetted at professional participants in Indological studies,
>and is not primarily a forum for discussions with undergraduates or
>scholars from other fields who have an amateur interest in Indian history
>and culture. For example, if you do not recognise any of the above
>acronyms, or never read any of these journals, or if you never attend
>academic conferences in some aspect of indology, then perhaps another
>forum would be more appropriate for you. Of course non-professionals are
>welcome to join the list if they wish, but elementary questions and
>discussions about Indian history and culture should be addressed
>elsewhere. The discourse in INDOLOGY assumes a familiarity with the
>specialist literature of the subjects discussed.
>Please do not muddle addresses: if you want to post a message for
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