Etymon: paTTaN, pattan, patan

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Sat Nov 22 04:02:59 UTC 1997

         Ramalingam Shanmugalingam <AppuArchie at AOL.COM> writes:

><< How does one classify a word as Aryan or Dravidian ??

>       2. When Sanskrit possesses other words expressing the same idea
whilst the Dravidian tongues have the one in question alone.

 In this context, can anybody please tell me about the accepted
derivation of the Sanskrit word "idam"(This) and the draviDian words
"itu"( in tamil), "idi"( in telugu) and "idu"( in KannaDa){don't know
the malayalam word for "this"}..the words are similar but did they
travel one from one language into another?... I'm not sure if the above
idea can be applied to pronouns since it is possible for two languages
to have the same pronouns independent of each other.....


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