greek names of indian rivers

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On 19 Nov 97 at 4:00, DR.S.KALYANARAMAN wrote:

> Indos (Indus) and its tributaries are:
> Hydaspes (Jhelum),
> Akesines (Chenab), Hydroatis (Ravi),
> Hyphasis (Satluj) and
> Hesidros (Beas).
> How to explain the phonetic changes,
> assuming ancient versions of sindhu,
> vipasa, vitasta, zatadru, asikni etc.
> kalyanaraman
> kalyan97 at

To state it briefly, they can be explained through Iranian. The first
I have discussed in an article in Cracow Indological Studies 1
(1995), the others sre found in my forthcoming book India and the
Hellenistic World (will be available in two months).

Klaus Karttunen

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