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Rolf Heiner Koch roheko at MSN.COM
Fri Nov 21 07:40:38 UTC 1997

As far as I know the Mora is a metrical schema not following the single 
syllables (longum or breve or anceps) but the short syllable in a bulk, e. 
g. a mora is always breve. In the poetic always the number of Mores is 
important for certain metra, for instance the Arya metre which follows the 
Mora system: in this system  breve breve longum would be 4 Mores. Always 4 
Mores together are 1 gaNa.
So simplified  you could say 1 Mora is a short syllable
In my opinion there is only a sense to speak about Mores when you have a 
quantum of short syllables. More is included into the bulking 
(quantitierende) poetik.
Am I right?

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> Dear  members,
> at the risk of momentarily converting the Indological List to a
> Japanological one, I would like to express my appreciation of the
> discussion last night regarding Japanese names, and the gender of their
> bearers, I would however like to ask for further clarification on one
> point.
> What is meant by a 'mora' ? And (perhaps this is a somewhat technical
> question, but surely someone can answer it) why does the number of moras
> appear to have such a marked bearing on the matter of names. Is it a rule
> restricted to names only ? I realize that Japanese is devoid of
> gender, but does the mora-rule have any influence on words denoting
> male/female roles, or occupations, etc ?
> I look forward to some illuminating replies,
> Dr Muhammad Suleiman.

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