Etymon: paTTaN, pattan, patan

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>> Dravidian paTTi seems to be from < paTu = lie down, fall.
>>Is paTTaNa related to paTTi? Also, Tamil has paTTinam,a
>>town on a shore, eg. kAvirippUmpaTTinam.
>How does one classify a word as Aryan or Dravidian ??
>In Sanskrit the word "pathati" means "to fall" also the word "patha"
means Path.
>It seems reasonable that pathati and paTu(Tamil) or paDu (Telugu) are
>paTTi in Kannada means a strip - it could be a 'clearing' also.
>Villages/Towns obviously were located in areas which had been cleared
of the

   paTTi in Kannada does mean a strip, but AFAIK, it does not have
   a meaning as 'clearing'
   haTTi in Kannada. haTTi means a dwelling, place of stay. It can
also mean a small settlement. This is mostly used with places where
   cattle/sheep are also reared. This word has come from 'paTTi' of
   old Kannada.

   Ramaprasad K V

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