New Mac Software for TeX

Yasuhiro Okazaki kappa-y at SH0.PO.IIJNET.OR.JP
Mon Nov 17 12:53:58 UTC 1997

Dear Members
I have uploaded the three preprocessor of Tibetan LaTex,
Wikner's Skt and  itrans compiled for Macintosh to

in the directory

And Dr. Wujastyk wrote a kind readme for these programs.

They have Mac interface, though it is poor, and are linkable with OzTeX.
The source codes that I have used are based on the newest version of
them. So if somebody want to use my program, he get the following versions.
1) Tibetan LaTeX: Sam Sirlin's version

2) Wikner's SKT: version 2.0

3) Itrans: version 5.1

1) and 2) can be gotten from, for example,,, etc., and 3) from
Happy texing !

If you find some bugs or feel uneasiness, please tell me.

Best Regards
Yasuhiro Okazaki
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Hiroshima-ken, Japan 731-15
TEL&FAX +81-826-72-8851
Office Hiroshima Prefectual Kabe High School
TEL +81-82-814-2032
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