Q. identification of scholars

Mittal Sushil mittals at MAGELLAN.UMONTREAL.CA
Mon Nov 17 12:34:19 UTC 1997

Greetings all:

Can anyone help me in identifying names of persons from within the
tradition and within the academic study of religion as it has evolved in
the West studying Hinduism (we know of Ashok Aklujkar, Vasu Narayana,
Arvind Sharma, K. L.  Seshagiri Roa), Jainism (we know of P. Jaini),
Sikhism (we know of H.  Oberoi), Tribalism, Indian Buddhism, Indian
Christianity, Indian Islam, Indian Judaism, or Indian Zoroastrianism.

Merci d'avance.


Sushil Mittal

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